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'I Love Technology' - remix by Winston & Yoddy
Out now through Silver Sneaker Records.

I Love Technology' - remix by Pretension
Out now through Silver Sneaker Records.

'She Fell So Well' - remix by New Tools For Monkeys, featuring DJ TrickyOne

'I Love Technology' and 'She Fell So Well' were produced by Brian Canham (pseudo echo frontman) in August and October 2008.

'Benny Electric VS The Greenmatics'
'I Love Technology' Remixed by Benny Electric in November 2008.
Out now through Silver Sneaker Records.

'Out Of Limbo' EP produced by The Greenmatics in 2007.

'Wait No More' remixed by Ryan Beehre (minuit, funkn slocuts).



Here's a brand new video of 'I Love Technologyfilmed for a Channel 31 TV Show in Melbourne which is hosted by our friend Neil, it was produced by Adrian Symes.

I Love Technology (reproduced version)


She Fell So Well
(I just pieced this together with a few random images, it's not the official video, that will be coming soon....)

Wait No More
made by Richard Robertson 

In Limbo

made by Stephen Moller

Our 'Out Of Limbo' EP


You can buy some of our songs from Amplifier, click their logo below if you're interested....



'I Love Technology' remix by Winston and Yoddy, released through Silver Sneaker Records in Feb '09.

'Benny Electric VS The Greenmatics' released November 08, remix of 'I Love Technology' by QLD based produced Benny Electric released through Silver Sneaker Records in Feb '09.

''She Fell So Well' - released 10/10/08, also produced by Brian Canham. It's being released to Radio in Australia and New Zealand and is off our debut album, which will be out in 2009 sometime.

I Love Technology - This is a new version of 'I Love Technology' which was produced by Brian Canham from Pseudo Echo, released 11th July 2008 in Australia, will be released elsewhere soon!

'Out Of Limbo', our brand new EP, which was released on Saturday 16th June @ Blue Tile Lounge, Melbourne. It was recorded during the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 at Greencentral and is very awesome!!

Ryan Beehre's remix of our track 'Wait No More' was chosen for a compilation put out by French label Agoon-agoon, check it out!!

'Wait No More' was selected for a New South Wales compilation entitled 'Circuit Breaker'. There's some fantastic bands on the cd and I highly recommend checking it out.

Our first release was a 4 (and sometimes 3) song EP, available in a few stores that I bothered to take it to...

'In Limbo', is on the Analogue Attack compilation tape released only in New Zealand.

'Wait No More' is on a compilation put out by RDU called 'Some New Zealand Music Is Shit.

'In The Air' is on a compilation called 'Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep', put out by Electrode Records in New Zealand.

'In Limbo' and 'Wait No More' were on a limited edition Tour CD which was only available on our Short Circuit tour last May.


MORE VIDEOS (they will be up here soon)

'In Limbo', there's 2 music videos for this song. The first was made by Melinda Maxwell for around $20 in Christchurch, New Zealand and the second was made by Stephen Moller in Auckland, New Zealand. You can watch part of Stephen's video here.