Gothique Factory EP Review
By Donovan Tate

Title: Out Of Limbo
Format: CD+DVD
Australian trio, The Greenmatics, find the solace of the simplicity of retro 80's for their ep debut. A classic for anyone who appreciates synth-pop/electro-pop. The good vibrations are picked up by female frontwoman Green. "I Love Technology" is the opening track. A catchy tune with Gordo's unique dark bassline feel. The next track is "Wait No More", another retro 80's vibe with a vintage synth sound. The modern tracks "Talk" and "Greentea" captures today's modern electro-pop, the way it's arranged. The beat on each track is indeed well striking performed tremendously because of the way Antanas plays the electronic drum set with an energetic thrust. You may think it's a drum machine programmed, but it's played live. Antanas plays a catchy beat that will have you dancing. The ep is very poppy with a sense of humor. The band is serious and mean business. All the while though, each tracks develop its own identity with synths, sequencers, bass, and beat all blend in one form.

Their dvd feature all four of their tracks in mp3 file, magazine and radio interview, bio and their videos "I Love Technology", which is directed by the band themselves and have an 80's effect appeal and the animated "Wait No More" on the level of a video game approach.

Nothing but club and radio hits this band is offering. Enjoy this cd and dvd and you'll be glad you did. This band is worth a listen.


Review in Beat Magazine

Here's a review of our single 'I Love Technology' that's in the 6th June 2007 issue of Melbournes Beat Magazine - by Simone:

"A middle-paced electro pop pumper with the familiar airy swirl of femme robotics in the chorus. It's a weird one of those things, but Lithuanian lead singer Green pronounces the word as "techno-logy" and it really makes the song. Suitably cool and surprisingly clever dance music"

(I'm not really Lithuanian, I'm the NZer, Ant's Lithuanian and El Gordo's English....)



Reviews for the Circuit Breaker compilation cd put out by NSW company Light Sounds.


Rave Magazine review, by Brett Collingwood

This CD, compiled following a nationwide call out for new electronic music, offers a strikingly diverse but surprisingly cohesive sampling of emerging Australian hip hop and electronica talent. Highlights are numerous: the hypnotic groove of Moeshzilla & King Kongseps by Adelaide hip hop crew Adroit Effusive; Hotgirl by Western Australiaís Antimatter Men, a Kraftwerkian synth pop confection that combines chilly ambience with swishy New Romantic hooks; the vacantly vocalised Wait No More by The Greenmatics, a smart and sassy doffing of the cap to the Tom Tom Club. All in all, a compilation that's both worthy and worth your time.



Friday, 15 September 2006 - 7/10, by Shannon

Even a cursory listen to Circuit Breaker Vol 1 will fill you with faith and pride in the Australian music scene. The crew from Lightsounds (with other coming to the party) decided it was high time to draw some of those wicked tracks out of the computers of local producers and bands and bring them into the limelight. The result is an extremely impressive collection of hip hop, breaks and electro that will quite frankly knock your socks off. Eact act deserves praise. So here goes: shining examples of skill from Adroit Effusive (classy hip hop), Bitrock featuring Rootwords (wicked breaks), Antimatter Men (glitchy '80s), Marcelles (sexy electro), Gabe Veit (synthy with fat bass and sexy vox), Dabbler (dark metallic electro), Bad Machines (spare beats with little girl vocals), Underground Kabbalah Project (part MC, part prayer), The Greenmatics (lo-fi electro with mystery), 60 Inch Mirrorball (breaks with a reference to the early days), Stewart and Melville (clean sunrise music), Masterchefs (cruisey MCing), Bluejuice (unhinged hip hop), Skooler (classy breaks and beats) and River of Bass (pared-back grooves). Get your hands on this and be considerably impressed with what our countryfolk have to offer.


Other words by nice people:

(written in early 2005) Chris Andrews ( - " Emerald Green (now called The Greenmatics) is Mel Smith, the formerly Christchurch, now Auckland-based vocalist and producer who sprung up in a solo capacity after leaving the very first line-up of The Shocking Pinks in late 2003. Mels' approach is closer to a new-wave electro-pop sound, with home-made beats built upon synths and computer gadgetry that alludes to the sound of early new order or (perhaps more accurately) Ladytron.

Though Smith uses a simple, no-frills approach to recording her songs (so far, they've all been home recordings) the songs have a poppy gloss, highlighted by strong, affected vocals - that saw her excellent debut single 'Why Wait Then' rise to the top of the New Zealand alternative radio charts.


Words from the good people at



Bluenevus - Yeah, I'm diggin on that bass line. There is something catchy about this. Enjoyed those FX on the vocals, reminds me of that great era of synthpop. Nicely done.

Vzeye -Yeah, this is a pretty good track. Nice vocal and what a beat!

FraDonaghy - You definitely have a talent for creating hooks in those first few seconds of a song that draw the listener in and keep them right there until the end of the song. Nice work once again.



Bluenevus - I have to say, this is by far my favorite of your track yet. This is great. Love those 80s-esque synth lines. Once again, there is something very catchy about this. Keep, it up...look forward to more.

Ebarbarelle - sounds very cool, l i'm adding this song to the goth nigths radio show.

Leedsquietman - Cool, Kraftwerk sung by a girl with a backbeat that's on steroids !! Love the little simple synth breaks. Nice poppy alternative vocals fight the backing but somehow it works beautifully! Catchy hooks ! It sounds so 80's yet so 2006 all at the same time. Cool !

Snoogans775 - I like the simple melodies, makes it fun. I agree that the drum track is a nice dose of energy.

FraDonaghy - I think this one has a more polished feel on the mix than the others I have heard so far overall. Could easily be something from the charts - that is, if they still put good music in the charts these days. Hypnotic melodies and soothing vocals with a lyrical edge - a winning combination in my book.

VZeye - Abra-Ka-Dabra, the pop music machine is alive with the Greenmatics! (delerious pop zap cute...)

JanTosh - wow awesome, it's like goldfrapp dipped deeper in 80's, lots of fun, full and filling



Bluenevus -I like that delayed effect on the bass line. This has my favorite drumline and vocals of all the track I've listened from you. I like all the various elements going on here. This has to have the heaviest 80s synthpop flavor to it and I just love it. Thanks for bringing a bit of the 80s back in style.

Rodrica - Very distinctive style - I love it! It is original, yet quite catchy with a lot of commercial appeal - reckon you will be VERY popular here at DM.

Farfor44 -I agree with Rodz, ur gonna be very popular here at Dm.

FraDonaghy - That intro is amazing. Cool vocal style - not what you would normally expect with music like this, but it works really well together. Loaded with appeal across a multitude of genres, a real shot in the arm. Very refreshing to hear music like this.



Bluenevus - OH Yeah, this took me back to the 80s. Sort of reminded me of Missing Persons. Loved the lyrics and the fx on the vocals...totally cool, totally cool.

Bowillie - very very nice vox..and presentation..welcome to the madhouse.

Rodrica - Great sound!! Very atmospheric and I love the way the vocals are handled.

Henri Roger - very cool.

Fraser - Very very 80's. Love the guitar in the song.

Dutchlike - Nice.

Farfor44 - oooh!!!the vocals are sweet,love the fx ur using, nice dance tune, yes love it.

Evansorchid - Sweet retro excursion. Produced very well. I can definitely see this being played in a dance club.

FraDonaghy - Reminded me of a cross between New Order and The Cardigans. Awesome music, can't fault it!

Ebarbarella - i heard you guys b4 @ Myspace, i think you guys sound amazing! completly love the style, nice vocals and sounds, playlisted for the new Goth Nights Radio show.